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TJUART is an advocate of Passive Construction and member of the Australian Passive House Association.  Passive House construction techniques apply to all building types (not just houses as the name suggests). The system originated in Europe and is a scientific design tool and certification system which can help designers produce buildings which:


  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 90% over current standards.

  • Provide year round thermal comfort.

  • Provide very high air quality and remove the risk of condensation / mould.

  • Are orientated and configured to maximise solar gains 

As designers we believe in a "Fabric First" approach to the construction of low energy buildings and Passive techniques to reduce the need for Mechanical Services for cooling and heating. 



TJUART has been researching more efficient forms of construction,  which could streamline the procurement process to deliver design improvements and reduced unit cost. 

By breaking down the barriers between design and production it is possible to establish a single team with a common goal. The benefits are real and manifold.  The process is derived from product manufacturing, but its application in the building industry is quite unique.  

We envisage specially trained operatives assembling a factory produced, prefabricated elements sequentially,  working efficiently and accurately.  
Key features:


  • Off site manufacture - Site assembly using just in time delivery techniques (JIT).

  • Electronic tracking and management system - Entire design and production controlled through Building Information Models (BIM).

  • Fully value engineered solutions - Minimal energy consumption, embodied and in use.

The integration and efficiency derived from combining design and production has the potential to allow major advancement in value engineering and cost control.  Design decisions can be evaluated, adapted and refined outside of the pressures of a live project.


In addition, much of the role duplication and the adversary approach found in standard team based construction can be eliminated. 
Build quality and cost control processes bring a new freedom and opportunity for reworking of layout and design.